Thursday, 5 April 2012

Saucy monkey Pudding

How many of you have over ripe bananas going to waste in your fruit bowl? You know as well as I do that there is only so much banana bread that you can make. So you'll be delighted with this pudding from Short and Sweet. This time it's for hot, buttered nutty bananas with a banana chocolate sponge. Serves four. As an aside, and an important one at that, I couldn't resist making a pudding with this name.

As this super scrumptious recipe has been published in the Guardian, you will have to go there for the details, but please leave a comment here.
Miraculously, I didn't change a thing!
I've been asked to direct you to the Guardian page for the recipe.

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David Whitehouse said...

Hi there, I don't know whether to call you 'Nonna' or 'Craft Fairy', but either way, thank you for your message on my 'ohgoshandbother' blog.

I hope you didn't mind me asking you to just give links to Dan's recipes, I think you have such lovely recipes of your own on your blog and your comments about Short & Sweet (which I edited) are so generous. You may know that Dan has been a friend and colleague of the chef Giorgio Locatelli for many years and worked with Giorgio, first at Zafferano and then at Locanda Locatelli, and he also photographed Giorgio's book, Made In Italy, and your food reminds me of so many meals we have shared.

I completely agree with you about making things because there's a glut, we have a tiny town garden but most summers it is crammed with tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, chilli peppers and herbs, and I make enough jars of chutney and pickle to see us through the year and to give many away to friends. Or I find something on offer at one of the Indian supermarkets near us in London, such as limes or mangoes, and once again, I'm busy making pickles. The last beans in the garden are always left to wither in their pods and become semi-dry before we pick them.

I'm sure I'm going to enjoy revisiting your blog!
Best wishes,
David Whitehouse