Saturday, 18 August 2007

This is one of the simplest creams that I know of and luckily enough it is also delicious.

To make this ambrosial cream take:

250ml of whipping or double cream
250 ml of Greek yogurt - full fat. Don't bother with thin skimmed stuff
a few drops of vanilla essence
about two tablespoons of sugar - use more or less according to the degree of sweetness that you enjoy.

Whip the cream and then fold in the yogurt vanilla and sugar.Put in a bowl and leave for a few hours to stiffen up. Eat with poached fruit. In the photo you will see that I served it with poached mirabelle plums. Yumm!

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reb136 said...

What a simple and yet gorgeous recipe! I had the good fortune to find 12 pounds of mirabelles yesterday and have madly been hunting for recipes. I have made jam and tart and wonder if you have a good recipe for poaching so I can bottle the rest for later please? Many thanks.