Saturday, 22 June 2013

My new bread bin and a review

Recently I broke the bread bin that I had been given as a wedding present over 30 years ago. I won't tell you how many years over 30 it is because I can't believe it myself. The bread bin had served me well, but it was one of those fold top ones that will eventually break and once that happens there is nothing to do but, gulp, throw it away. So I was bread bin less until this fabulous replacement arrived.

Well, I must say that I am impressed. It is a solid piece of kit. Some of those bins that look like this one are really lightweight, but this is just heavy enough to make it feel like a good German car. It is quality and because it looks so good it has taken pride of place on my kitchen worktop.  

There are only three colours to chose from, flint, shutter blue and clay but strangely enough these three colours are really all that you need. They blend in with the kitchen rather than dominating it, so I am really happy with the colour choices. So while it take pride of place it certainly does not dominate.

Size wise it is big enough to take a large loaf of bread comfortably along with a few other tempting bakery treats. That means that if you make or buy bread that's not the standard square of supermarket mush, it will fit in this bin with ease. That's a big positive for me as my bread is always very far from standard. In fact I never know what size it will be. Makes it part of the excitement of making your own bread. Facts now: dimensions of H29cm x W32cm x D18cm

The bin is finished in a high quality powder coated steel that is super durable and will not taint the flavour of my loaves of lovingly crafted bread. Who wants a bread bin that will rust and spoil the flavour of the bread? If I have gone to the trouble of making a loaf of bread then I want to put it somewhere that I can trust. It is my baby after all. Eat it? 

This bin is a timeless classic. I remember way back in my childhood that there were bread bins that looked very much like these. They are the type of bin that will not go out of fashion.

So if you want to buy one they are available on the  Garden Trading Website. You won't be sorry.

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